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From dream to idea, from idea to design, from design to result

Filosoft develops software for companies.

It may be development of a system for internal use and for supporting the company’s business. It may be a software product or an add-on to a software product, which the company is the supplier of. The software can either be an application running on PCs in a local network, a standalone app running on the employees' smartphones or tablets, an Internet-based application, or often a combination where the system and it's data can both be used on classical computers, laptops and smartphones, and the data can be used on the company's website.

Sometimes the company has a complete description of the software to be developed. Other times it can be extremely unclear what the outcome will be, and the starting point may be a business challenge, an external demand, or an internal need for improvement.

Filosoft works in close collaboration with the company on the development and maintenance of the software system from the idea stage to the final outcome.