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Because IT is a part of the daily life for all of us our expectations to software are very high


From being something a few technicians worked with in some laboratories, IT today is a natural part of all our lives.

A lot changes when software goes from having been used by a few insider technicians to be used by nearly all people.

Therefore not only the demands for usability, functionality and security are very large. Also the expectations for beauty, simplicity and consistency are eligible high and complex.

Although the tools used by software developers have gone better, the technical forms a continual shrinking part of software development. It is not anymore the nerds and the pure technicians, who are the elite of today’s software developers.

Making software today requires in addition to technical skills also cultural and social understanding, insight of communication and psychological understanding, graphic and aesthetic sense, intuition and situational awareness and much more.

The good software developer can do much more than developing software