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Filosoft has since 2001 and until the beginning of 2007 provided continuing consulting services to Mondosoft. The consultancy job was to participate in the development team and to execute management tasks in connection to the development of Mondosoft’s products.

The consultancy service was in some periods on fulltime basis and done from Mondosoft’s premises, in other periods the consulting service was executed from Filosoft’s own office facilities using by remote connection to Mondosoft’s computers.

Mondosoft voluntarily went bankrupt in the autumn of 2007, and the estate incl. all developed software was bought by one of Mondosoft’s Danish competitors for many years. And flagship product MondoSearch, whose main components Filosoft has developed, is still in sales.

In 2001 Filosoft initiated the development of version 2.0 of the Internet-based time management system EasyTime for the company EasyTime International. Version 1.0 of the system was developed in VB and ASP, therefore version 2.0 was too.

Filosoft provided the consultancy service from Filosoft’s own facilities using its own development environment. During the next years the EasyTime system grew with new features and modules, all developed by Filosoft. Filosoft also participated in the management of EasyTime ApS and is member of the Board.

In 2005 decided EasyTime ApS to build a new version 3.0 of the EasyTime System based on C# and ASP.NET. Filosoft designed the concepts and the architecture of the new version, and in autumn 2006 a new team of developers was hired. Filosoft headed the startup of the new developer team, and in the autumn of 2006 the development of version 3.0 began. After that Filosoft’s consultancy services consisted in guiding this new team and in launching the development of the new version.

Today the development team in EasyTime ApS is headed by EasyTime’s own people, and Filosoft is now providing consultancy services to EasyTime ApS on chosen tasks and provides occasional coaching to the development team and management.

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