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The person behind Filosoft

With more than 25 years of experience, I am an expert in identifying a company's needs, illustrating the broader perspective, finding the correlation between purpose, requests and needs, and there from create a seamless and smooth solution.

I worked professionally with software development even before I finished my master's degree in mathematics at the University of Copenhagen in 1987.

I have continuously furthered my education in IT-technology and software development, most recently with a master's degree in software development at the IT University in Copenhagen in 2014.

As Head of Development in one of Denmark's first internet companies, Mondo, I established a set of concepts for server based Internet applications and systems. I was the architect and main developer behind the search engine MondoSearch from MondoSoft A/S, where I was Head of Development as well in the company's first years.

I have continuously built on the vast knowledge of Internet technology I acquired very early in the beginning of the Internet-era, and I am therefore at the forefront in development of Internet based solutions. Needless to say this has also grown to include the development of apps for smart phones.

In addition to my many years of experience with the development of Windows systems and Internet based solutions, I have worked with the development of mission critical software for amongst others the financial sector.

Several of my employments have included management responsibility and I have continuously furthered my management skills.

I have worked as a consultant for both private and governmental companies on jobs of various sizes.

Last but not least I have the full toolbox for solving professional and technological challenges. Click here for full list of my skills and qualifications.

May 2000 I founded Filosoft aps.