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Even the most complex and difficult challenges

Filosoft designs, optimizes and develops algorithms. The task may be to examine and improve existing calculation methods in client's current software systems. Filosoft examines the software and suggests various improvements, and next implements the decided improvements.

Often the use of databases is an important part of the algorithms of a software system. Here it is important that the database is used in an optimal way. Both making the right data layout and using the database in a technically appropriate way is important. Filosoft often has tasks that is about designing, developing and optimizing algorithms' uses of databases.

Mostly Filosoft designs the underlying algorithms to the company's upcoming software system. In many cases it is in fact the algorithms, which is the core of the software systems.

Besides mastering the techniques used within designing algorithms, the core of the tasks to solve is often also about understanding the contexts of the software systems, to decode the key priorities for the use of systems, and to be able to see the entire set of problems from a helicopter perspective.

Filosoft is especially good at designing and developing the right algorithms for the given problems. And Filosoft is an expert in implementing even very complex algorithms.